Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas has come and gone and it is the start of a New year. Actually it is 10 days into it, which is hard for me to believe.We lost power for 5 days days Christmas day due to a freakish snow storm here in AR ,but since we have a wood stove and a gas kitchen stove and hot water heater we did not go cold or with out hot food and hot showers. Something we were very grateful for! Our youngest grand daughter Bea came and stayed with us during that time, which always make for a great time for us.
This is a picture of the linemen fixing or pole and wires =) They came from South Carolina to help Arkansas out.We were glad to see them. Everything I do for my business requires electricity so it was great to see it repaired.
With the start of the new year we begin again with out free drawing we love to do every month. This month is one of our "Going Green" Kitchen sets with a value of over $30.00.  2 scrubbies, a dish cloth and a hot pad. If you are interested in trying out some items that can help save throw away's in your home, be sure and enter for your chance to win. You can find more information in the link! Check out the drawing here!
This year my goals are to get the web site finished and to add some new items to each section with some new design ideas coming as well. I also have something new in the works but will update you on that when it is ready. Here's to a great 2013!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

We are turning green!

It is time for our 3rd annual "Going Green for Christmas" event here at J&K Designs. It dosen't take much to contribute a lot to help out. We have been working at creating news items all the time that can used in a green manner, helping save money and the environment.Items like our new Growels
(green paper towels),our cotton scrubbies with nylon for that extra clean or our reusable facial cleaning items and bath items.
Our items are designed by us and many are handmade.These make great gift ideas and we love to create those custom items as well! You can check us out on Facebook in our Going Green album. Let us know what you think, we would be happy to hear from you!
Check out our "Going Green for Christmas" album!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

And the winner is...

I would have liked to post a bit earlier but I have had some allergy problems. If it is getting into spring full force wherever you live you will understand. the pollen has reach epic portions here in Arkansas from our  really early very warm weather =) But it will pass in time, we hope. 
We used and chose  winner for our St Patrick's day Banner and were very happy to Congratulate
Jennifer Johnson from Waldorf Maryland. She got it in plenty of time and was able to hang it on her front door for the Lucky holiday! I hope to get a picture from her soon to show everyone.
Since it is still St.Patrick's season and March we would like to spotlight  our Irish Dance Department . If you have or know an Irish Dancer anyone of our specialty items would make excellent birthday gifts for them.
One special item to take to a Feis, the Oireachtas or to World's as a great gift for them would be  our Tote Bags and Tote Bag combo sets. They make great gifts for everyday use and are well constructed to stand up to much use. The bags come with pockets in both side inside, and a cellphone pocket on the back side. The combo set comes with a shoe bag, a wig bag and a bling bag all co-coordinating with your bag.Check it out in the picture below, These are fully customizable  as well  and they also come with a zipper (extra charge). We offer a wide variety of items for you to choose for your special dancer and names can be added to most items! Check out our pillows, medal banners, pillowcases and other great items!
You can check out all of our Irish Items here J&K Designs Irish Dance Department
Now is the the time to think about those gifts you might need!
Next time we will be highlighting our baby Department
Oh Baby!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spring & St.Patricks Day Free drawing

It seems like the holidays have just past but now it's spring here in Arkansas, St.Patrick's Day is just around the corner and summer not far behind!
Many might wonder who the little girls are that I always have in my header pictures. These are my two grand daughters, Ivy & Beatrix. They are the children of my two daughters, whom I have named my business after. Jenny & Kelly, the J&K of J&K designs! Being a grand parent is a whole different experience and one I wouldn't change for the world! I love these little girls and both they and their mom's give me a great deal of my inspiration!!
We hope to be soon introducing our next new product "Growels", your new green alternative to paper towels.I will be sending a set out soon to our first tester and I will be looking for 2 more to help out. Once everyone has a chance to use them and see how they work and I get feed back then I will begin to offer them online and on face book.We gave up using paper towels about a year ago and while it was a bit of a change to say the least we have become very accustomed to it. It saves money, and helps with paper waste as well!

In honour of the day we have a free drawing for one of new home banners. This one is decorated with cute Shamrocks and "Happy St.Paddy's Day in the center.This would make a great gift for some one or to hang on your front door!No purchase is required and you can enter until March 10th. Then we will have time to mail it out to the winner in time for the holiday!What fun. I love making these and have many ideas for these. I will add them to the web site hopefully soon.
Enter the drawing here!

We have a coupon this month as well for 17% off your entire purchase. This would make a great discount on any orders you would like to place. This is good until March 17th, 2012. we would love to create your wedding or baby or graduation gift or many other custom items you might need.
Check out the coupon here.

 I wish everyone a wonderful week!