Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bows & Babies.

 Beautiful Hair Bows $15.00
Well I have been busily at work trying to get samples and cute things made for the web site and get it updated.This is a picture of my grand daughter Ivy with one her many new hair bows, and she is always happy to model for me. These will soon be available as single items or you may order them to go with your outfit. Ivy loves hers and loves to point to hers when you tell her how pretty she is.
 I am making pillowcase dresses ready made and they will also be available for custom order. These are a really cute little item for any girl and are very chic for that fashionable little miss. These will come in several fashion styles from the no frills to the all decked out. 
Here is Ivy all decked out in her pillowcase dress with

with an embroidered front and embroidered border.
These will be available with different designs for the front and matching border prints. These will also be available with monograms on the front to.
Beautiful Ivy (no trim, no borders or embroidery) $22.00
Beautiful Ivy Embroidered Dress (no border) $28.00
Ivy Winter Border Dress (embroidery only on dress) $36.00
Ivy Winter Princess Dress (Embroidered Dress Front ,Embroidered Border Front) $45.00
These items will all be available soon at