Thursday, December 23, 2010

Apron's Apron's Apron's, it's time to cook!!

Child's Pull on Apron Front
 Well, Christmas is fast approaching and we have been busily working on gifts for J&K Designs orders, friends and family! This is an apron I have made for my grand daughter Ivy Winter for Christmas. She LOVES to help her mommy in the Kitchen and will get a lot of use out of this! I will be adding these to out Children's department and Kitchen department during January. These will make a great gift item for the smaller child helping out. They tie in the back and won't slip off as easily and cover the front. They have a  pocket so they can store those little things they love to keep. It would even be great for dinner time or messy activity.
Child's pull on Apron Back

Close up of Design

These will be able to be ordered with pre-made plain binding or you can choose fabric your binding can be made from. This one features the handmade decorative binding and it sure is cute! On the right you can see a close up of the applique design that went on Ivy's. This is our Muffles the Owl, in applique design. You will be able to choose the fabrics for the design and if it is for a little girl the bow can go on the head and for boys it will be at the neck as a Bow Tie!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fall will soon be here

Well ,Fall will soon be upon us. It has been a very hot summer here in Arkansas  making sewing some days a bit warm. I am always grateful for air conditioning especially the 106 days =)
I am excited to announce that we will be having a "Going green for Christmas" gift show this fall and I will update you with the dates & time once plans are finalized!!
I am excited to have some new items I have been working on to show you and have gotten the web site updated.I have gotten the basketball section open in our sports department with limited items.  They are great and will add some real fun to any special person with a passion for basketball.
We will be adding girl players soon
I am now adding some special hand crocheted  kitchen and spa items. If you would like any of these let me know by email, or if you would like a different color let me know. I will be  adding these as regular items for ordering soon.
These items will be part of our growing green. Check out more info here

I am enjoying creating these items for every one and you can always email me for questions.
Keep checking back. I try to update on a regular basis but have been with some continual help problems from my car accident so some days I have to take it a bit slower! =) Have a great week/end!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Speciality Custom Items make great gifts!

Busy Busy Busy

Kitchen Chick Dish Towel
Kitchen Chick Apron to Match towel

We have been busily updated the web site. It's not all done but we hope to have it finished it the next month or two. Meanwhile you can still look, shop and have fun!! We have a new raffle going on as well as a new coupon for Christmas In July. You can check these both out from the home page of the web site J&K Designs
We also have some new items in the baby & children's ready to ship department of our web site. Pillowcase dresses and some super cute burb cloths that would make perfect shower gifts for any baby & Mom.You can find those here Cute Baby items.
If you really like cute kitchen items then we have some for you. You can see two of them above and you can check out the others on the web site. We have unique embroidery design all our own for that really unique gift item. Check out our Great Kitchen Items.
All of our items are made here at J&K Designs. We take great care with each of our products and our embroidery designs are all unique to our store. We specialize in that custom creation you need, so even if you don't see something you might need email me, I can create something special for you.Please feel free to leave any questions or comments, I am always happy to hear from you!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bows & Babies.

 Beautiful Hair Bows $15.00
Well I have been busily at work trying to get samples and cute things made for the web site and get it updated.This is a picture of my grand daughter Ivy with one her many new hair bows, and she is always happy to model for me. These will soon be available as single items or you may order them to go with your outfit. Ivy loves hers and loves to point to hers when you tell her how pretty she is.
 I am making pillowcase dresses ready made and they will also be available for custom order. These are a really cute little item for any girl and are very chic for that fashionable little miss. These will come in several fashion styles from the no frills to the all decked out. 
Here is Ivy all decked out in her pillowcase dress with

with an embroidered front and embroidered border.
These will be available with different designs for the front and matching border prints. These will also be available with monograms on the front to.
Beautiful Ivy (no trim, no borders or embroidery) $22.00
Beautiful Ivy Embroidered Dress (no border) $28.00
Ivy Winter Border Dress (embroidery only on dress) $36.00
Ivy Winter Princess Dress (Embroidered Dress Front ,Embroidered Border Front) $45.00
These items will all be available soon at

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Ivy Winter Collection

I am very excited to have added ready made Burp Clothes to the Baby/Children's department
of our web site! These are in limited amounts for the moment
but I will be adding more as time goes on.
These cute as a button items are part of our new "Ivy Winter" collection, for the
Girls have a cute gathered ruffle and boys have a nice box pleat fabric at the bottom.
These will be added to our custom area as well soon.

Also check out the Bridal Department.
We have added some ready to ship items there as well, towels, cami sets, and ringbearer pillows!

All ready to ship items are as shown and will ship out in 24-48 hours.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

We have a winner!!

Congratulations to Nancy from Lenexa, KS, who is the winner in our "Name the baby owl contest!" We had a lot of entries and it was hard to choose but we finally picked "MUFFLES". It is a perfect name for our fluffy baby owl and works great for a boy or a girl. Nancy will receive the "LUCKY SHAMROCK APRON" & THE "HAND CROCHETED DISHCLOTH" for having her name chosen.
Thank you to all who entered!! These items will be added to the web site in the next few months.
Be sure and keep a look out for them an we will let you know here as well!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Name the Baby Owl!!

We have a new contest at J&K Designs!! I have designed a new baby owl design for a friend but it needs a name. It needs to be a name that will work for both a boy or girl. If your name idea is
chosen you will win our lucky cupcake apron and a hand crocheted dishcloth.!! These will be some of the new items that will be part of our Kitchen Collection when that area opens later in the year!
You can read more and enter here

You could win this!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bridal Area Updates

It has been a beautiful day here in AR today, 70 degrees this afternoon the the sun is out & it always done wonders to liven the mood as well. I wish I could work 24 hours a day. =)Alas I cannot, sleep calls occasionally and pain from my car accident limits how much I can do daily, but I work when I can, fill orders as quickly as possible and fit in web work in between.

The BRIDAL AREA is in the middle of being updated. I am very excited to have BRIDAL READY TO SHIP area is open now with limited items. I am working hard to get more items added soon. These items will ship in 24-48 hours so if you do not have time for the custom ordering area these are perfect. If you need a quick bridal or wedding gift these will be great!The custom area has also been updated and I am working on it to get it finished up and the new items added. Cami Sets are now available for custom ordering and our Bridal towel section has been updated with a whole selection of towels sets, single towels and hand towels. The BRIDAL PARTY gift area will be open soon so if you need items for your bridal party, this will be the place to shop. I have some new embroidery as well, for a bit more sophisticated look.Check out everything here
I am excited as well about some new baby and children's ideas, I am working on. It will be a bit before they all get added but I will let everyone know when that gets done. I will have some new memory boards ideas, wall plaques , some cute kids outfits, cute blanket ideas as well as ready made in this section as well.
I will begin limited traveling to Irish Dance competitions as well. My hubby is home now and he can drive and carry all the heavy items and be of valuable help to me when I am under the weather. He has already become an expert on sweeping and mopping! =) and he is the expert feis helper.
Keep checking the web site out for more updates and a new look as I go from area to area updating the colors and backgrounds. I am excited about this year and all the great things it will bring! I am always open to new ideas and any kind of speciality custom work you may need so please let me know!
We are now on face book as well so join me as a fan and see regular updates there as well!Things I am working on!