Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spring & St.Patricks Day Free drawing

It seems like the holidays have just past but now it's spring here in Arkansas, St.Patrick's Day is just around the corner and summer not far behind!
Many might wonder who the little girls are that I always have in my header pictures. These are my two grand daughters, Ivy & Beatrix. They are the children of my two daughters, whom I have named my business after. Jenny & Kelly, the J&K of J&K designs! Being a grand parent is a whole different experience and one I wouldn't change for the world! I love these little girls and both they and their mom's give me a great deal of my inspiration!!
We hope to be soon introducing our next new product "Growels", your new green alternative to paper towels.I will be sending a set out soon to our first tester and I will be looking for 2 more to help out. Once everyone has a chance to use them and see how they work and I get feed back then I will begin to offer them online and on face book.We gave up using paper towels about a year ago and while it was a bit of a change to say the least we have become very accustomed to it. It saves money, and helps with paper waste as well!

In honour of the day we have a free drawing for one of new home banners. This one is decorated with cute Shamrocks and "Happy St.Paddy's Day in the center.This would make a great gift for some one or to hang on your front door!No purchase is required and you can enter until March 10th. Then we will have time to mail it out to the winner in time for the holiday!What fun. I love making these and have many ideas for these. I will add them to the web site hopefully soon.
Enter the drawing here!

We have a coupon this month as well for 17% off your entire purchase. This would make a great discount on any orders you would like to place. This is good until March 17th, 2012. we would love to create your wedding or baby or graduation gift or many other custom items you might need.
Check out the coupon here.

 I wish everyone a wonderful week!

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